Dog is a common name for most of the species named Canidae which is a family of Carnivorous Mammals that are majorly distributed in almost every part of the world. The Scientific name for the dog is Canis lupus familiaris. There are enough shreds of evidence to believe that dogs are a part of this globe since centuries traditionally as well as scientifically.

The mode of communication with dogs is scent and physical appearance. Dogs are sure-shot winners if compared to humans in case of smelling the signature odour. They can smell the odour up to concentrations of parts per trillion. Humans are good at detecting the chemical released while sweating known as Butyric acid but dogs are still better in this as well. Do not try to fake the smell sense of a dog, no one can mask them in this for sure. An average dog has 123 to 250 million smell receptors depending purely on their breed.  They can smell up to 40 feet underground and even recognize human fingerprints that are nearly a week old.

Nomenclature of Dogs:

  • The word Dog is widely used for both the species, subspecies and age groups as a whole
  • An adult female is known as Bitch
  • Adult female that is capable of reproduction is called Brood bitch or Brood mother
  • Puppies are the immature ones who are not capable of reproduction
  • Group of puppies from the same gestation period is known as Litter

Illness factors of Dogs: If your dog is having any of the issues mentioned below then it is recommended to visit your pet doctor as soon as possible:

  • Dog is continuously refusing to have diet
  • Loss of regular appetite
  • Continuous vomiting can indicate many serious health issues
  • Sudden tiredness
  • No willingness to move
  • Loss of blood on a regular basis
  • Dog is suffering from diarrhoea

Take care of your dog needs at home:

  1. Water is the essential of every living being on this planet. Give proper amount of clean water every day.
  2. One or two meals per day are sufficient for most of the dogs; should be a balanced and nutritional diet
  3. Like humans, dogs also need to exercise and stay fir for a longer life
  4. Make your dog wiser and teach them the quality of leadership with Puppy socialisation
  5. Dogs also need affection and good company for a better mental health

Dogs are more than just an animal treat them as a family member and will be staying loyal to you for the rest of life. Apart from good nutrition they also crave for love and politeness like a best friend. We will give you handy tips to take care of a dog efficiently. There are some interesting facts about dogs that we would like to share:

  • There are more than 150 dog breeds further classified into 8 classes i.e., Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-sporting, Herding and Miscellaneous.
  • They can vary in size from 36 inches to 2lb.
  • Their 200 million nose receptors dominates the fact that they do not have many taste buds (1,700)
  • A matured dog has 42 teeth
  • Dogs can see the colours more efficiently than us
  • There are top 5 breeds of dogs in the United States that are Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, German shepherd, Beagle and Dachshund
  • There is only one barkless dog in the world named Basenji that was originally found in Congo, out of Africa. Its estimated lifespan is 12 to 16 years. Their breed group is Hound dogs.