Adverse Effects of fireworks on Pets and their protection


fireworks on Pets

Fire crackers or explosives act as slow poison for humans as well as animals. Most of them dies in smoke and fire; specially the ones who cannot run faster enough. Small animals are at higher risk of death in wildfire as their strategies of escaping does not work sometime. Even the organisms that are buried deep down the earth can also killed due to excess heat. Fireworks can cause stress and fear in the animals accordingly.

Take care of your pets from exposure to fireworks:

Dogs: Celebrations especially New Year eve involves fireworks that animals are unfamiliar to. The situation may get even worse that led a dog to run far away from home. They are a part of family; go through this post to know some precautions about your Dog safety.

  • Prepare them earlier with some noises around to make them quite comfortable while cracking fireworks.
  • Go for a long walk and feed the animal properly before fireworks; a tired animal is less anxious conscious about activities happening around. Above all stay at home with your pet.
  • Try to make them calm and comfortable.
  • Create a soft and cozy home for them to make them feel safe.
  • Make sure to tag them with a microchip inserted in their belt for identification.
  • Be prepared with some first-aid equipment in the case of emergency.
  • Cats and other mammals should be kept inside the house premises.
  • Any kind of sharp object should be removed nearby from animals for safety purposes.
  • Supply them water and food; stable windows should be provided.

The time a cattle feels scared, a toxic named adrenalin is released from its body which somewhere affects the production of milk by creating blockage in path of Oxytocin (responsible for milk production). Some animals may take a week or ten days for proper recovery and get back to normal state.